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Izmukshir Fortress

Izmukshir Gates WinterThe city of Zamakshar (Izmukshir), the ruins of which are situated 25 kilometers southwestward from Tashauz. The legendary greatness of Izmukshir fortress remained too few -half ruined adobe walls, which suggest its former monumentality. The total length of the wall is 1500 meters. The fortress is dated from III century B.C- III century A.D. But the real flourishing of Izmukshir should be dated from the Middle ages- from the epoch of appearance of new centralised states, which were governed by men of Turkmen origin. The most well known of those states were the Powers of Karkhanids, Gaznevids, Seldjuks, Khoresmshahs and others. Beginning with the IX century there starts reviving of public life, as in many other regions of the East. That was the time when Turkmen fortification architecture had experienced its flourishing -appearance of new fortresses as well as reviewing of the old ones using styles of building tradition of architecture of Turkmen tribes.

In front of Izmukshir kala there is a fortification moat (Turkmens call it "Gara Garymy" or "Gala Khendegi"). The moat of Turkmen fortresses amount to 1-16 meters in the depth, and in its width -2-15 meters.

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