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Meane Baba Mausoleum & Shrine

The Mausoleum of Abu Said Makneyi
Meane Baba Full View
The mausoleum is situated in a small village in Kahka. It was built during the reign of Turkmen-Seljuks in the 11-th century. This mausoleum was constructed over the grave of famous followers of sufizm and the great philosophers in Eastern literature Abu Said Makneyi who lived during the period of 968- 1049. The approximate time of the construction is estimated to be the middle of 11-th century. It has the double dome that is the main characteristic features of time. In the 15-th century the building was partly renovated, but its constructive bases were not damaged. The inner part of the mausoleum is decorated with inscriptions and the portal is laced with mosaics. The mosaics differ in motley colors like puce, white, green and others. One part of the building reaches to 10,3 meters and doubled domes up to 21-22-23 centimeters. The mausoleum is all over decorated with Arabic inscriptions in outer and design patterns in inner parts. According to scientists Abu Said was born in 968 and died in 1049 at the age of 83. His fathers name was Ibrahim who owned a perfume shop at that time.

Entrance Detail From the early childhood Abu Said began his education. At the age of 12 he already knew three thousand written lines in Arabic language by heart. He studied in Mary and gained his education from famous people of that time Abu Zahir and Abul Fazil. There are lots of stories about Abu Saids experiences in life.Once when Abu Said was at the mosque in Nishapur, the famous erudite Abu AliIbn Sina entered the hall and joined people. They met each other and had conversation that lasted for three days. When Abu Said was about to leave one person at the mosque approached him and asked "How did you like Ibn Sina"? He answered " Ibn Sina knows everything that I see". When the same question was given to Ibn Sina he answered "Abu Said sees everything that I know".

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