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Darvaza Oasis

Welcome in Darwaza OasisThe settlement of Darvaza (Derweze in Turkmen) is located in the Central part of the Kara-Kum desert some 260 km from Ashgabat to the north. On the way to Darvaza lies the Kara-Kum desert, withs its moving sands and its typical sparse vegetation of Saksaul, Acacia and Kandym bushes.

The population of Darvaza is 350 inhabitants. Most of them are Turkmens of the
Teke tribe. The word Darvaza is translated as the "Gates". At the Darvaza settlement many people continue their half-nomadic lifestyle by setting up yurts in front of their simple houses. A yurt (in Turkmen Ak Oy) is a traditional Turkmen dwelling of round shape made of a wooden framework and covered with a felts called Koshma. The diametre of a common yurt is from 4 m for a simple "Gara Oy" to a festive and luxurious 9 m "Ak Oy" set up only for special occasions. The yurt has a round hole in the middle of roof for ventilation. Lighting is natural / through this hole, by lamp, candle or by generator. A Yurt takes 3-4 hours to assemble or disassemble. The Turkmen nomads have been using yurts since the 6 century. It matches well with local climatic peculiarities. The microclimate in yurt is favorable. It is chilly in summer and warm in winter.

Gas Crate at DarvazaStaying in a Yurt one can feel life style of Central Asia nomads, traditional Turkmen hospitality and kindness and taste traditional Turkmen cuisine, mainly based on meat - pilav, Turkmen bureg, chorba/ lam soup and refreshing soft drink Chal.

Darvaza is also rich in high quality sulphur. In 1928 a sulphur factory was founded here. At that time Darvaza was connected with Ashgabat only by air. Due to costly transportation in 1961 the factory was closed. This area is also rich in gas and oil. In 1978 all gas deposits have been preserved here.

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