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What Our Customers Say:

I would highly recommend stantour !!! They are fast, they adapt to your needs and budget and they are...extremely honnest (they do not pretend you need invitations or guide when you don't if you see what I mean) They managed my invitations and organised a one week trip in Turkmenistan ( they put me in contact with another traveller to reduce the cost and adapt to our budgets). This week was intensive and amazing, I will always remember the Burning Crater in the middle of the desert, even more than the outstanding ruins of ancient cities Thanks a lot to David
Cyril, France 24/07/03
Now in Baku; made it across this morning on the boat from Tbashi. Turkmenistan simply magnificent-I couldn't have had a better time. Thank you for all your time and efforts and please peredai ogromnoe spasibo and privet to everybody. It was all simply brilliant and I cannot wait to return again once I am ready to confront the visa system once again.
James Hardy, UK 28/05/03
Great trip! Sas & me are very happy about it. Notwithstanding a few stomach and gut probs for both of us, everything really OK.Very happy with the organisation
Wieland & Saskia, Belgium 02/06/03
The contacts we had in the past months have been of great help to us anf I sincerly thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. I'll make sure to recommend your company to people wanting to go to CA. And when I have more money to visit TM, I know on which dood to knock!
Sebastien Reichel, Switzerland 19/05/03
Your help has been fantastic, thanks again!
Suzanne Wehl, Australia 04/06/03
Thanks for all your help. If there's anything else we need to book for the region, I'll definitely be in touch. In the meantime I'll continue to recommend your services on the Thorn Tree.
Graham Stride, UK 18/02/03
OK, looks like they're giving me the visa. I guess this is the end of our correspondence, so I'd like to thank you once again for all your invaluable help. That is unless you're in Uzbekistan in May - June? Cheers,
Jonathan Apps, UK 08/04/03
Unfortunately I am back home Everything was wonderful and went allright. Only the flight back was difficult because of all the snow in Istanbul. Aber schlussendlich hat dann doch alles geklappt. Thanks a lot again.
Stefan Huebscher, Switzerland 26/02/03
Just to say, how very much I enjoyed my time in Turkmenistan; Oleg and Tanya were lovely, and extremely accommodating to my petulant whims, and I couldn't have asked more of a guide than Oleg, shuttling me round the place with erudition and perpetual good humour. Above all, of course, I'm very grateful to you for organising everything at such short notice; I fear that I managed to make life difficult for people for a couple of tense days before my arrival, and I'm sorry for that, but I had a terrific time and I'd be sure to recommend your services to anyone planning to visit the country. Thank you again, and best wishes for the future -
Thomas Welsford, UK 10/04/03
Just a quick mail from Samarkand to say we enjoyed our stay in Turkmenistan. We especially liked staying in the desert in the first small village. Despite the bumpy ride....
Marc and Marijke, Netherlands 10/06/2003
Really loved it and had a lot of fun and booze. I am now in samarcand after a little accident in Nukus,The byke is fixed ( russian way ! ) and I`am heading back to Bouchara and Khyva . Will call you asap.
Pascal Bourgogne, France 09/06/03
I do appreciate the time and honest advice you have provided. When we decide to schedule our trip to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan we will certainly contact you.
Angela, US
RE: question about visa for infant: Thanks for the help! Do you do taxes, too? :)
Nathan, US 11/04/03
We are safely back home now. We would like to thank You and Oleg for the nice trip we made to Turkmenistan. We have seen many beautiful spots in the country. And we have a good feeling about this trip. Much succes with your organization.
Huib Paapenhuizen & Jacintha Rensen, Netherlands, 01/10/02 12:53
Landed in truly boring Sweden a couple of hours ago, and with the body and soul still full of impressions there is so much I would like to say but the bottom line is: THANKS! I've had a really good time, met a lot of interesting people, had lots of splendid food, seen many beautiful views... well, I've had more of everything than I expected! Such an interesting region, the mix of russian, asian, turkish and arabic is thrilling. And the people... There's a lot to learn for us europeans when it comes to hospitality and friendliness. And they're so stunningly beautiful. Artyk was excellent: ambitious, extremely caring yet fun. A medal of honour to that guy; his efforts for me went far beyond the line of duty. Also had great drivers and hosts. Ekibaly seemed to be going strong - he has, as I'm sure you know, lots of ideas for how to expand tourism in Nokhur - and some moments in the area was pure magic to me. Got a diary full of info and impressions in the backpack... Already planning a new trip in the area.
Magnus Almehd, Sweden 15/04/02
This isn't a cheeky ad, just a solid recommendation. If anyone is looking for a no-nonsense, reliable travel agent in CA to organise letters of invitation or more, you would do well to contact Stantours, which is run by a German national David Berghof. He's been totally straight-up with us, and very helpful, especially during difficult times in Turkmenistan. We've got our LOIs and are off shortly...
Chobham, LP Thorntree 21/02/03
I have got the same informations, and booked a tour with stantours They have given me a lot of useful information and worked out an interesting programme for me, not just the things written in guide books.
Susanne, LP Thorntree 14/01/03
And thank you in turn for arranging everything so quickly and efficiently!
Paul Brand, UK, 14/10/02
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