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Being the largest of the Central Asian Republics, Kazakhstan is a country full of contrasts. With its southern capital Almaty being by far the most advanced city in the region and a proud semi-nomadic people inhabiting its infinite steppe lands, most of the country remains yet to be discovered by the foreign visitor.

Some of the most exciting features in Kazakhstan accessible to travellers include the Charyn Canyon, also referred to as Kazakhstan's Grand Canyon, the mountainous peaks of the Tien Shan with tremendous trekking hiking possibilities, and a fascinating heritage of arts and craftsmanship as well as the famed Eagle hunting and the famed buskashi horse games.

Photo: Jérôme DepeilleLargely being considered a transit country between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan or China and despite a rather well developed travelling infrastructure, so far Kazakhstan has received far less attention by its visitors than it deserves.

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